Heritage Forestry

Northumberland County’s Tree and Plant Health Care Experts

Heritage Forestry proudly serves Land Owners, Businesses, and Municipalities in conserving the health, natural integrity, beauty, and value of Northumberland County’s enduring landscapes and heritage trees.

Noxious and Invasive Forestry Pest Specialists:

We specialize in the restoration and conservation of heritage trees, natural and native landscapes, and forested lands.  We are ISA Certified Arborists as well as MOE and MNDMNR Forestry Pesticides Licensed Exterminator/Operators.

We have decades of experience safely, delicately, and selectively ridding properties of noxious and invasive species including and not limited to:

Emerald Ash Borer

Leaf Borers
Gypsy Moths
Tent Caterpillars
Poison Ivy
Dog Strangling Vine
Giant Hogweed
European and Common Buckthorn
Garlic Mustard
Japanese Knotweed

We work closely with landowners to help educate and inform on how to best conserve native species and ecosystems, and provide Integrated Pest Management services to help control undesirable and harmful ones.

Heritage Forestry is a licensed and authorized provider of BioForest’s TreeAzin systemic insecticide, the world-leading Emerald Ash Borer treatment and control option.  We have years of experience saving scores of Ash Trees all over Northumberland County.  For more information on our Emerald Ash Borer treatments, click here.

Other services include:

  • General Woodlot Management Consulting (What should I do with my forest/woodlot?)
  • Tree Disease/Pest Control
  • Forest/Woodlot Inventories
  • MFTIP Applications Guidance and Consulting
  • Tree Stocking/Harvesting Guidance and Consulting
  • Post-Harvest Value Added Guidance and Consulting

We are a fully licensed Forestry Pesticides Operator by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.  Fully licensed and Insured.

For more information, please feel free to contact 905.349.2193 or via email at [email protected]